Waiting for a Jet Plane

So I’m sitting at Baltimore Marshall airport (BWI) waiting for my beloved’s and to get in and I’m pondering the concept of time spent. You see for those who don’t live in this area it takes 1 1/4 to 2 1/4 hours to get to this airport which is one of the reasons we don’t usually. So the good news is that it took the lower end of the spectrum but it made me wonder what I should do while I wait. The answer obviously included writing this but I’ve also done some studying (thank you Logos for iPhone!), Facebooking (gasp! I know!), and emailing. Pretty productive considering the circumstances. Then I thought about ride here, it left me apt of time to think and pray, both of which should be considered productive. My definition of productivity has been pretty much exclusive to physical accomplishment Thinking back to all of this it hit me: productivity isn’t something easily measured, at least not if you have an eternal perspective. There’s no way to measure the results of prayer or studying God’s Word. There’s also no way to fully measure what’s produced from a conversation with a person, especially if it’s of a personal nature.
I’m beginning to realize that my definition of productivity isn’t just skewed, it’s wrong. Reading a book is productive. Taking a walk is productive. Doing little things here and there is productive. Praying for a friends struggles or their salvation is productive. Video games are… well… ok I don’t think I can win that one but the truth is that if you are growing as a person and/or fulfilling God’s desire for your life you are being productive.
So the next time you feel like you’ve been unproductive and you happen to be a believer ask yourself this question, “Am I more like Jesus now than I was at the beginning of the day?”. If the answer is yes then it’s been a productive day indeed!

Gotta go, Whit just landed.

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