Simple is better, Part 1

I sold my iPhone 4. Yep, I did. Of course I still have that nagging data plan that I have to deal with. So what did I do? Got the cheapest data plan possible and the second cheapest (by $20) smartphone replacement I could find. Then I took the money I made off my iPhone and paid off my second last debt in Canada. So now, I’m debt free in the USA and only a student loan left in Canada. Now THAT is exciting! Some of you may be wondering, “But Mike, you’re a big tech guy. How are you faring having moved down to another smartphone from that amazing iPhone 4?” The answer? I’m doing really well actually. First off the iPhone 4 is amazing. No really, for those BB or Android fanboys out there you’re living in complete delusion to think that it isn’t. That said, amazing can have a lot of different faces. Amazing really should be about what works for the individual. After all these devices are made for a person so our individual preferences should be the final word. I didn’t use my iPhone much except when I thought to use it. Sure it has tons of apps and other neat features but I rarely use them. What do I use my smartphone for? Keep things organized and keep me connected, that’s pretty much it. I looked at Android, BlackBerry, Nokia, and just about all others and I settled on Palm. Again, you read that right. First of all it was the cheapest smartphone (part of me simplifying) but it was also my first choice.

webOS has the features (that I won’t get into) that bring all of my information together. One thing that drove me insane about iPhone was that no matter what I did the notifications would always be crazy inconsistent. I would either never get notifications from my apps or get them when I thought I had set them to not come. And while we’re on notifications I really think iOS has one of the worst ways to notify you while webOS has the best way that I’ve seen so far.

So why the change? Simple is better. It isn’t easier, it’s just less complex. My Palm Pre has helped me to take a step in simplifying my life and I’m loving it. I have clearly taken a step backwards as far as the advanced technology I use but I have taken a step forward in how I’ve simplified my life and used technology in a better way.

Ah the paradox that we call the simple life.

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