Thoughts on the Kindle (3rd Generation)

It’s been about 4 weeks or so since I purchased the latest Kindle from Amazon (actually I bought it at Best Buy). I was skeptical to say the least. My main reason for this is because when compared to the iPad, the Kindle seriously lacks features. It has e-reader software, an experimental web browser, an experimental mp3 player (only MP3s), and some limited social networking integration (more on that later). One could take several articles to simply list and briefly describe the features of the iPad. Not to mention the fact that it has more storage and more processing power.

So how do I feel about my Kindle? I love it.

In an internet world full of opinions that are stated as if they have the corner on insight and truth it can be hard to see a device for what it is. Is the iPad great? I don’t have one but every time I use one I covet. So which is one is better? Both. You see just because the iPad has the ability to function as an e-reader doesn’t mean it was designed to be an e-reader. I know what people say and my wife can vouch for the fact that I know what Apple has to say. The truth is the iPad was designed to fill the void between smartphones and notebook computers, if it existed at all (watch the iPad announcement to hear this from the lips of Steve Jobs himself).

It is designed as a multi-purpose device that takes several aspects of the computing experience and makes them more personal. Email, browsing the web, viewing photos, and social networking take on more of a personality when done on an iPad. Even reading a book is more pleasant and personal in an iPad than on a laptop/desktop computer. However the iPad weighs in at almost triple the weight of the Kindle and while it’s screen is very nice the truth is your eyes do tire more quickly. I’ve read articles that state it has something to do with our eyes adjusting from ambient light sources to brighter and back again. I don’t worry about the science too much, I simply agree that it’s true.

i can go outside and read my Kindle for HOURS. Really, my Kindle has revitalized my love for reading. It allows me to tuck something small away in my pack that I can forget about until I get that urge to relax and read. Best part is that I can put thousands of books on it so I have choices. I have read more books on my Kindle in the few weeks I’ve had it than in the past 3 years combined. No joke.

Suffice to say that while I would very much like to get my hands on an iPad (or iPad 2 perhaps?), I know that the Kindle has become my reading device of choice and I doubt that would change anytime soon.


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