Every person who breathes has a story, because life itself is a story. Every moment is a paragraph or page in someone’s book and each book is unique. Shared experiences can bind people together. Sharing experiences also helps in the pursuit of, “A wise person learns from their own mistakes; a wiser person learns from someone else’s.” The goal of this site isn’t to get a massive readership or millions of hits. It is designed to be exactly what it is called: random input/output. Non-sequential musings, insignificant wonderings, and even a life-changing experiences are all potential content. By sharing the random input and output of my life I hope that someone will be entertained, lifted up, humbled, challenged, or any number of other adjectives that create motion or change in a their life. It is almost guaranteed that you will not like everything in the pages of this site and that is a good thing. Motion and change can come from both positive and negative which is all the more reason to keep things random. Thanks for stopping by.