A View I’ve Missed

I’m flying to MSP right now and the flight attendant gave me the “variety pack.” In reality she gave me all three choices of snack being offered. Score! As I jerked myself awake to give my order I looked out the window back toward the east. There God smiled back at me in the form on the sunrise. I tell you what, 35,000 feet above sea level is one of the best seats in the house for experiencing a sunrise. The colour is simply amazing. Some of the deepest reds, oranges, yellows and blues I’ve ever seen. It reminded me of the view I used to enjoy a lot.

I’m from the Prairies. That’s a term most familiar to Canadians so for all of you USers, the Midwest is similar. The West has the Rockies, the East has the Appalachia and the the coasts have their oceans. What do we have? A relaxed, slower paced life with sunrises and sunsets as close to a 35,000 foot view as you can get. Don’t believe me? Visit Manitoba or Saskatchewan in late June or early July and then time a flight during the perfect time and weather conditions and compare. I don’t think I’m exaggerating.

It reminded me of how much I don’t slow down and enjoy the little things in life. I just had a conversation with a father yesterday who I really enjoy and respect and we talked about how busy we are. The greater D.C. area worships busyness. Drive and productivity are important but they aren’t the reason for living and they most certainly don’t encourage us to appreciate the little and beautiful things in life. I’ll finish this post with a challenge.

Take time in the next two days to enjoy a sunrise, sunset, good book, or stillness. It’ll do your soul good.